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I saw a GIF of this on Reddit and I hated it because it cut it off on the 'ALWAYS' That's such an old joke - I was almost angry at it. Seeing it here with all your lovely art, animation, and voices - I feel much better. The second half keept it from being stale as opposed to the GIF and I personally find text gags like the 'YES' at the end hilarious.


redminus responds:

yeah whoever made that gif is a fucking idiot

That was simple and beautiful. I loved it and just wanted to let you know.

Good start

You seem to have a handle on claymation but you need to refine your style and elongate your narrative. This could've easily have been a long movie if you had just connected the plots together.

PS: It was nice hearing my music in a submission. Feel free to do it again ;)

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Maybe this should be coming later than sooner.

I'm sorry man, this game is just a mess. It needs a lot more work before it'll be playable. Aside from the messy programing and insane UI, you've got to lay off the gradients man! I couldn't see what was happening at all let alone tell when I had hit something. Nothing responds the right way or sometimes at all.

Try again'

Solid gameplay, I just didn't feel the theme

I wasn't so sure about this game as I was clicking on the title, but I was pleasantly surprised! I had fun playing this game - it was a more unique take on the defense/shooter genre. The art was spot on, I liked the difficulty curve (not too hard, not too easy) and the auto-saving feature is sweet.

I just...hrmmm, how do I explain this...I wish I could've gotten into it more - if that makes sense. I loved the menus (UI freak here), the art and controls were solid too - I just couldn't bring myself to care about the theme. I didn't even realize emo's were a thing still - I thought we all moved onto harshing on hipsters (genetic descendants of the emo) anyway, haha. The voice acting too was a little unenthusiastic. I think a little more polish there or perhaps more cut scenes between levels would've helped immerse me more.

All in all, you guys did a very nice job. Keep up there work and make sure to polish like crazy next time to really nail it!

(P.S. - Would you mind telling me what the shop music is? I left the game open for hours after I was done playing just to hear it loop, haha)

Technically sound

I think you've covered the only good reasons to use shape-tweens (I usually find them quite useless :P). Your interactive movie is okay. The drawings are pretty good but maybe animate on a higher frame-rate next time and with fewer awkward tweens. Other than that the animations is technically sound.

I'm not so sure I agree with the information, however. It'd be nice to have some citations for your facts especially since it's been found recendtly that the benefits reaped from Ethanol fuel are canceled out by the intense amount of energy needed to create it (plus the infrastructure refit and tons and tongs of cars needed to be purchased would be detrimental - hardly a green solution). Also, I'm not an advocate of recycling either (except aluminum) since recycled plastics have extremely limited uses and end up producing more pollutants than would have been made if one had just fabricated a new bottle.

You're animation was decent (could've benefited from some voice work) but could stand some improvement. The facts - they too could be refined :P

Thanks for submitting!

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I'm really enjoying hearing HC's melodies sped up with drums backing them but I wished the song had more body. The kicks fuzz out on the low end and soften what could've otherwise been a really heavy-hitting DnB song. Hopefully you revisit this and add some polish so it can be all it can be!

GlitchAssassIn93 responds:

Oh yes. i will revisit this so soon i can! thanx =)

You really nailed the sound and style of the Genesis and the musicians of the era! Those metallic bass riffs really take me back to Sonic Spinball and Marble Madness and more' It's what I' e always wanted from those awful YouTube covers of genesis songs - an authentic recreation of the genesis sound but with modern polish. Nice job!

Speaking of Spinball - you should REALLY run the Boss Music MIDI through these instruments. It'd be awesome!

Downloaded yesterday. Play count is >100 already.

I'm a big fan of your entire body of work. I started crawling through your submissions ever since I found Magnum (another, holy fuck song). This song, however, has to be my favourite.

The track starts ominously (which is a weird plus for me). I liked the heartbeat and and street sounds before the beat got brought in. It almost made me feel like someone was deciding their "time's up" and was getting ready to do something rash. The beat is soft and rolling which lends a melancholy undertone to the whole track. It flows very well with the main synth line (which you thankfully kept pretty simple) and beautifully chopped vocals - never getting in the way of anything and just tying the whole piece together. If I had one gripe with this piece it would be that it swells almost too high near 1:30 - I would've liked the whole track to be the same relaxed and somber tone. Perhaps you could have tried something else to give the song variety instead of just swelling up into piano and major-key sounds. Jut a thought.

All in all man, I love this song. You did pretty much everything right and it just leaves me wanting more (hence the repeat, haha). You're a solid dubstep artist but I wish you'd visit this chill style more often. Keep it up!

Hello there! My name is Ben Fischl and I assume that it's nice to meet you. I have a wide range of skills ranging from animation, to voice acting, and music making! I'm always down to work on a solid idea - so please hit me up!

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