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HotelCalifornia-RemakeDnB HotelCalifornia-RemakeDnB

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'm really enjoying hearing HC's melodies sped up with drums backing them but I wished the song had more body. The kicks fuzz out on the low end and soften what could've otherwise been a really heavy-hitting DnB song. Hopefully you revisit this and add some polish so it can be all it can be!

GlitchAssassIn93 responds:

Oh yes. i will revisit this so soon i can! thanx =)

Genesis Genesis

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You really nailed the sound and style of the Genesis and the musicians of the era! Those metallic bass riffs really take me back to Sonic Spinball and Marble Madness and more' It's what I' e always wanted from those awful YouTube covers of genesis songs - an authentic recreation of the genesis sound but with modern polish. Nice job!

Speaking of Spinball - you should REALLY run the Boss Music MIDI through these instruments. It'd be awesome!

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xKore - Time's Up xKore - Time's Up

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Downloaded yesterday. Play count is >100 already.

I'm a big fan of your entire body of work. I started crawling through your submissions ever since I found Magnum (another, holy fuck song). This song, however, has to be my favourite.

The track starts ominously (which is a weird plus for me). I liked the heartbeat and and street sounds before the beat got brought in. It almost made me feel like someone was deciding their "time's up" and was getting ready to do something rash. The beat is soft and rolling which lends a melancholy undertone to the whole track. It flows very well with the main synth line (which you thankfully kept pretty simple) and beautifully chopped vocals - never getting in the way of anything and just tying the whole piece together. If I had one gripe with this piece it would be that it swells almost too high near 1:30 - I would've liked the whole track to be the same relaxed and somber tone. Perhaps you could have tried something else to give the song variety instead of just swelling up into piano and major-key sounds. Jut a thought.

All in all man, I love this song. You did pretty much everything right and it just leaves me wanting more (hence the repeat, haha). You're a solid dubstep artist but I wish you'd visit this chill style more often. Keep it up!

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Procrastinate Procrastinate

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fun little song - somewhat lacking in "fullness"

I really like what you threw together here - the melodies played nicely with each other, the drums were simple and didn't distract, and the parts changed at the right times to keep it from being boring. I also liked the second half - it almost sounds like a completely different song.

My one complaint though - and it's difficult to articulate - is that it sounds kinda hollow and tinny. You had all the elements - percussion, backing melody, leads, etc - but for some reason I felt like I was missing something - a fuller sound if you will.

Hope you keep the good work up - and don't stress too much about essays. 'Stuff's baby shit haha'

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Hatfield - disko Hatfield - disko

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty solid VG tune.

I'm digging the 8-bit sound but I would've liked a little bit more intensity for longer stretches of time - just as I was getting into a movement you drop it away and start something new. Just a personal preference of mine, otherwise pretty solid work!

P.S. - I would reclassify as Video Game.

Jesusinthebox responds:

thanks man i'll definitely work on that ;)

Falling Behind You(WIP) Falling Behind You(WIP)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great, great, great build up.

I'm really enjoying what you put together here. It's a nice almost marching-like distorted beat with a melancholy melody that's really flowing nicely. I only wish the 1:40 build up payed off with some awesome second movement - I guess I'll just have to wait for that full version for that! :)

P.S. - Maybe lower your master a little bit? My speakers were fuzzing out playing this loud.

Wolfonite responds:

Sorry about the loudness, I still havn't done any editing yet, it'll be more mixed in the full version. Thanks for the review

Hide and Seek {Techno Mix} Hide and Seek {Techno Mix}

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A natural sounding, awesome remix with few flaws.

You did some solid work with this one fishfood. The synths you added sound natural next to the vocals and it all blends together nicely. My only complaints are that occasionally I'll the vocals or synths beats not matching up every so often and around 2:30 it's a little crowded sound wise. Other than those minor quibbles you did some excellent work - keep it up!

(P.S. - Even if you weren't first with the idea this was the first H&S remix I've ever heard so you got to be first at least in one way! :) )

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fishfood2021 responds:

I appriciate the review :D

VOID-Taste for Piano and Drums VOID-Taste for Piano and Drums

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Mmmhmm, nice'

I really enjoyed the casual sound of your synths and melody. It makes the song easy to listen to and fun to relax with. On an unrelated note - the melody (especially the beginning) reminds me a little of the Doug theme - which in my book is a super added bonus :)\

Keep up the good work!

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BinaryGuy responds:

You know i will keep up the good work!
thanks for the review ben!

Space City [Dr.S] Space City [Dr.S]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty decent, not full enough.

A pretty decent song you had going on here. I could jam out to it for a little while but I felt that it was really lacking body - try and create a fuller sound. Also, the AYB voice got semi-annoying after a while. Otherwise it was pretty good. Imma go sift through your other stuff now.

Dr-Slump responds:

I do not agree, sir. But oh well, your opinion. ;)

Hail To The Cheif Hail To The Cheif

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh God why?

Why, oh why, can't this be longer??

JaredW responds:

hahaha... was going to add some chipmonks singing too.. just can't be assed dude.. maybe if i get enough votes haha..