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a part of fabc game a part of fabc game

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Maybe this should be coming later than sooner.

I'm sorry man, this game is just a mess. It needs a lot more work before it'll be playable. Aside from the messy programing and insane UI, you've got to lay off the gradients man! I couldn't see what was happening at all let alone tell when I had hit something. Nothing responds the right way or sometimes at all.

Try again'

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Emo Gunner Emo Gunner

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Solid gameplay, I just didn't feel the theme

I wasn't so sure about this game as I was clicking on the title, but I was pleasantly surprised! I had fun playing this game - it was a more unique take on the defense/shooter genre. The art was spot on, I liked the difficulty curve (not too hard, not too easy) and the auto-saving feature is sweet.

I just...hrmmm, how do I explain this...I wish I could've gotten into it more - if that makes sense. I loved the menus (UI freak here), the art and controls were solid too - I just couldn't bring myself to care about the theme. I didn't even realize emo's were a thing still - I thought we all moved onto harshing on hipsters (genetic descendants of the emo) anyway, haha. The voice acting too was a little unenthusiastic. I think a little more polish there or perhaps more cut scenes between levels would've helped immerse me more.

All in all, you guys did a very nice job. Keep up there work and make sure to polish like crazy next time to really nail it!

(P.S. - Would you mind telling me what the shop music is? I left the game open for hours after I was done playing just to hear it loop, haha)

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My Dear Ethel-nol... My Dear Ethel-nol...

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Technically sound

I think you've covered the only good reasons to use shape-tweens (I usually find them quite useless :P). Your interactive movie is okay. The drawings are pretty good but maybe animate on a higher frame-rate next time and with fewer awkward tweens. Other than that the animations is technically sound.

I'm not so sure I agree with the information, however. It'd be nice to have some citations for your facts especially since it's been found recendtly that the benefits reaped from Ethanol fuel are canceled out by the intense amount of energy needed to create it (plus the infrastructure refit and tons and tongs of cars needed to be purchased would be detrimental - hardly a green solution). Also, I'm not an advocate of recycling either (except aluminum) since recycled plastics have extremely limited uses and end up producing more pollutants than would have been made if one had just fabricated a new bottle.

You're animation was decent (could've benefited from some voice work) but could stand some improvement. The facts - they too could be refined :P

Thanks for submitting!

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Tanks Tanks

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice work there!

There's some solid code in your game here. The controls work well and I was impressed that you had AI but there are a few glaring flaws stopping your game from being great.

The graphics need some polish - ask an artist to help you with your games next time (heck, I'd be interested if you'd want) or work on your drawing skills.

Secondly, the AI never seemed to learn about my tanks position or how to fire. No matter where I moved or how I changed my shots, he seemed to end up firing on the same piece of ground over and over.

Also - that music was terrible...very repetative and grating. Try something that lasts longer so the loop isn't so evident and something that doesn't draw as much attention to itself.

Other than that, that was a nice attempt. I hope you do more in the future!

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TeamKillScreen Comic TeamKillScreen Comic

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Twas a fun read.

But I really would have loved to have seen this animated - it would have been a lot more amusing. Of course though that wasn't your project (I assume) so it's all good.

Nice work'

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MegaPac-Stan MegaPac-Stan

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

A fun demo for you probably.

But this game just isn't fun to play. Keep working on your code to make it flawless and work on your level design. The pacmen would break out of their lines and there were only two lines to start with making the game unfun and funfair.

Keep trying!

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TheManolantern responds:

I dont plan on updating it to much, it was just my first attempt at making a game out of actionscript. Thanks for trying it out though.

In Utero In Utero

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun game all around!

It's really great to finally see the finished product (I got a sneak peak or two to see what I was writing for). It looks great, has a funny concept, and plays very well (I, for one, enjoy the floaty movements - it makes you think about your path more). I actually appreciate the difficulty - it's the right level of challenge that kept me coming back until I finally beat the boss (additionally, I also like the difficulty because people get to hear my music over and over :P)

Overall, great work guys - I just wish it was longer so I could enjoy more of it!

FetusFulp responds:

whoops, i totally skipped over your review, ben. srry bb :C

you're of the minority of people who find the difficulty "just right," but that could also be from you playing it a few times for beta-testing :P also your music is awesome. it makes for fun times during the boss battle.

Tank Bank Tank Bank

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Needs moar graphix

You need a graphic artist to really make this shine!

Halloween Reprisal Halloween Reprisal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A beautiful game that is slightly repetitive.

I've been looking foward to your guys' game for quite a bit and I'm pleased with the final product (although it was dissapointing to see the candy mechanic removed).

The graphics all looked amazing, with smoothly flowing cutscenes and animation as well as superb effects (yay blood). I already read about the backwards sprite but it was still missed when I played the game.

The style is nice, I had my fun tearing up little children, watching their eyes explode and torsos halve. But the gameplay itself got boring half way through. It's fun to tear the kids up but they realyl should've had the ability to fight back (or at least have them scream :P) I understand about the time constraint but maybe you'll touchit up after all the awards are handed out? The only thing I have to say negative about the gameplay was how weird the hit detection was, it felt like the area for attacks was waaay too narrow. The kids felt a little to difficult to hit which might sound challenging but it was the frustrating kind - you know? Also, the game felt a bit slow paced, the skeleton walks at such a sluggish clip that I felt like I was strainin to move the character (and the kids just hoping around instead of running away from an undead monster seemed kindof silly :P).

Overall though, feature exclusion and pacing problems included, the game was a very enjoyable work and I can see the large amount of effort you both put into this piece. I hope you win something!

Rammer responds:

yeah, sorry about the candy. but you already know why we took it out, so i won't bother to repeat what i said :P

Blaze and i both worked on the cutscenes, which was kind of cool. i storyboarded them and Blaze made them. it was pretty cool to see how close he made it to my storyboards, even though the first cinematic's storyboards weren't finished and the ending one was only described to him.

like i told you, the AI just got frusteratingly complex and the code was confusing to look at. i really had no choice but to take the candy mechanic out \:. as for the hit detection, i know. i probably would have been better off leaving the hitboxes in there, but it felt out of place. i'm not sure if you read it, but all you have to really do is hold down the attack key(s) you want to do and walk up to the kids.
as for the kids just hopping's Halloween, they think he is a fellow trick-or-treater. i WAS gonna implement a gameplay bit that would make them run away from you if they saw you kill someone, but again...i ran out of time.

i hope we win something, too! :D

Uber Breakout II Uber Breakout II

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Uberly innovative, challenging, and fun!

This game takes an insainly new spin on breakout, totally surpassing the original in fun factor and innovation. Whats funny is that this game is most enjoyable when you play the two player mode by yourself, controlling the two seperate paddles around the circle is really fun AND insainly challenging at the same time. The neat powerups, bonus system, and crazy multi-ball leave you wanting more once you've lost your last ball. Excellent game, keep it up!